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CM Magazine
“Captures the magic of it all…An excellent read-aloud for families. It would be a particularly helpful resource for families to ease the transition of a new sibling. Highly Recommended.”


School Library Connection
Will keep readers guessing right up until the end. Middle and high school teens who like a good mystery will enjoy this book and may be able to relate to some of the characters.”

CM Magazine
Will be avidly consumed by high school readers...It is the novel's spin on what seems, at first, to be almost stereotypical fictional set-up that makes the novel much more than just a regular old 'whodunit'...Readers will remain mesmerized to the very end.

School Library Journal
“A compulsively readable tale...wickedly fun and fresh, this fast read is highly recommended for those who can't get enough dark mysteries, lovers of illicit romance, and anyone who appreciates creepy camp stories


School Library Connection
This book has a unique storyline and plot that will captivate the readers from the first chapter. A definite page-turner with engaging characters.”

VOYA Magazine
Spirit Level gets to the heart of what makes a family and what makes a good relationship.

Resource Links
“A solid book about what makes and breaks a good family, with diverse family relationships that are more and more representative of how people live today...Dialogue is fresh and natural, reflective of typical high school conversations and thinking.


CM Magazine
A suspenseful and fast-paced addition to Orca Soundings series … a captivating story that readers of both sexes will thoroughly enjoy.”

Tacoma Public School District
A true chiller.

Resource Links
Deadly starts fast and intense and keeps you on the edge of your seat...The characterization is wonderful; you feel connected to both Amy and Eric from the first line...and never lose faith or hope in either...Highly recommend[ed].


Library Media Connection
A highly engaging, high interest novel that addresses tough family issues.”

[The] characters are well constructed, uniquely defined by their actions and speech and eminently engaging. Harvey does not shy away from the reality of difficult situations … an excellent read, put this in the hands of fans of Louis Sacher’s Holes.

Kirkus Reviews
Appealing, original characters—especially Sid, eccentric, but high-functioning—are a strong suit…Harvey portrays parental mental illness and the longterm effects of childhood trauma with compassionate insight.

CM Magazine
A finely crafted, thought-provoking and hopeful look into the reality of neglect, mental illness, abuse and abandonment.


Resource Links
This story has the immediacy of adolescent is smoothly written, and the first person narration brings the reader along the path of self-discovery with the narrator.”

Tri-State YA Book Review Committee
Well-written low level, high interest book about March, a teenage girl who learns that life is more than what is on the surface… The author provides just enough of a support system for March, via her parents and new acquaintances, to see March through to her evolved self. The hook within the fist chapter of the book drabs the reader and the narrative keeps the interest.

death benefits

Shortlisted for the Bolen Books Children’s Book Prize
Official Selection of the 2012 White Pine Fiction Award (YA)


Times-Colonist (Raise-a-Reader Top Ten 2011)
The characters pop off the page in this hilarious and touching novel.”

Booklist–December 1, 2010
Harvey's characters are multidimensional, genuine, flawed, and funny. What could have been a maudlin story about the decline and death of a beloved grandparent is instead a credible and insightful tale of a cynical teen, a crusty old man, and minor characters who add texture, snorts of laughter, and even sympathy to the story.”

Publishers Weekly–October 25, 2010
Harvey...avoids sentimentality and sheds light on the value of the past, family dynamics, and a person's ability to adapt to less than ideal circumstances.”

CM Magazine–September 17, 2010
Harvey strikes a good balance between humour and sensitivity that makes the relationship feel authentic.”

Kirkus Reviews–September 15, 2010
...a realistic view of the aging process, the difficult decisions left to loved ones and the need for friends and family.”

great lakes & rugged ground

CM Magazine–September 24, 2010
...not just a pictorial history book. The authors and illustrator have combined text and images that evoke different times and different places in Ontario.”


Murdoch's Musings blog–October 2010
...a great story about friendship, challenging authority, thinking for oneself, learning and reseaching and 'fame.'”

School Library Journal–July 2010
“Plastic…does a good job of exploring an important societal issue while telling a timely tale.”
“Plastic will grab the attention of readers of all backgrounds. The focus is on body image and its importance in teenage society. Through her book, the author  encourages teens to be patient and let time dictate their happiness and comfort with personal body issues.”

CM Magazine–February 26, 2010
“Plastic…is a fast, funny and interesting story about what is, perhaps, an unexpected topic for a YA novel: plastic surgery for young adults….[the narrator’s] effort to draw attention to the complex issue of plastic surgery makes him realize the dangers of objectifying girls’ and women’s bodies…”
This is a book every teenager, especially girls, should read…a very quick and eye-opening read. I can’t wait to put it on the shelves at school.”

The Lit Report

The Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Best Books for Kids and Teens 2010 starred selection

Finalist: 2009 Bolen Books Children’s Book Prize
Finalist: 2009 CLA YA Book Award
Finalist: 2009 Sheila A. Egoff Children’s Literature Prize

Reader Review of The Lit Report by Sarah Ellis, age 13

“The Lit Report is by Sarah N. Harvey. It is about a girl named Julia who helps her friend Ruth when she becomes pregnant in eleventh grade. Julia is helping Ruth hide the baby from Ruth’s parents, who are real hard-core Christians. Julia’s plan is to be the midwife of Ruth’s baby by watching her step-mom’s midwife deliver her half brother. A problem occurs when Ruth goes into labor in the car with her brother on their way to a cabin to have the baby. They then tell her brother and have the baby at the cabin, where she is delivered happy and healthy. When they go home her parents are screaming mad and tell her never to come back to them. Ruth then goes to Julia’s dad and is like a live-in nanny for Boone, Julia’s half-brother. Ruth is even home-schooled by Julia’s step-mom, Miki. Julia then lives with her mom but always visits after school to check in on Boone and Ruth’s baby, Jane Julia Walters.

This book discusses some pretty serious subjects, but it is also funny in parts. I really enjoyed the book and found it fun and interesting and serious, and I like that type of book. I liked how close Ruth and Julia were and how much Ruth trusted Julia. That is real friendship. I was amazed at how good a friend Julia was when Ruth didn’t even say thank-you. Julia sacrificed a lot of time and effort for Ruth. Ruth did thank her after the birth though, and they are still best friends.

I would recommend this book to people who like friendship stories and people who like characters who are loyal and dedicated. I would rate this book 9 out of 10 and would recommend this book to our age and up.”

Canadian Children‘s Book News – Spring 2009
“…a refreshingly original alternative to many of the more angst-ridden teen problem novels.”

The Globe and Mail – November 22, 2008
“depicts authentic relationships. [Harvey] also reveals, quite wonderfully, the fluid line between family and friends. She opens us up to the joyous unpredictability of life. And through the example of Julia's mother, she demonstrates the transformative power of a gentle, adaptable faith.”

CM Magazine – September 1, 2008
“Not just another ‘teen pregnancy novel,’ the author has also created a terrific story about a strong girl friendship... readers will be drawn into her story, and will be satisfied with the conclusion. Highly Recommended."

CD Syndicated Review Content – October 28, 2008
“[A] hot-button book that mixes the platitudes of literature with the realities of daily teenage life.”

Quill & Quire – November 1, 2008
“Harvey does a good job of capturing the voice of Julia, and Ruth is often a riot to read. The use of language actually spoken by teens... gives the book a realistic feel.”

Deakin Newsletter – November-December, 2008
“This is a funny, moving and realistic picture of the love friends feel for each other—like sisters—and the faithful support and care the one shows for the other. There’s a lot going on in this richly realized novel, and it is even more to the author's credit that there is as much laughter as tears and that the cast is so well considered and portrayed, human beings all.”

Resource Links – December 2008
“...laugh-out-loud portrait of a raucous and intelligent friendship being tested and forced to grow all at once.”


The West is Calling

The Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Best Books for Kids and Teens 2010 selection

Canadian Children‘s Book News - Spring 2009
“…a wonderful addition to Canadian history books for children…there is something lovely and evocative about the experience of reading the haikus and letting Bonder’s illustrations wash over you.”

CM Magazine - December 19, 2008
The West is Calling has a place in
most school and public libraries, especially in BC. Recommended.”

Resource Links - December, 2008
“The West is Calling is highly recommended for both school and public libraries. It is an enjoyable recreational read and a highly informative resource for young historians.”


Bull’s Eye

ALA Quick Pick
CCBC Best Books 2008--Starred

CM Magazine - August 31, 2007
“...employs the first-person, present-tense narrative to good effect. Recommended.”

KLIATT - December 1, 2007
“The interest level is high and the reading level is easier than many books written for the intended audience, so it's a good choice for reluctant readers.” - April 1, 2008
“...very good and an easy read...I recommend it.”


Puppies on Board

Chocolate Lily Award Winner, 2007
Canada Toy Testing Council Recommended
CCBC Our Choice

Now available through Meegenius
Puppies on Board is now available for ios and android devices through the Meegenius app, available on iTunes. Learn more and see a sample online.

Globe and Mail - November 19, 2005
“...delightful chaos...”

Resource Links - January 1, 2006
“A super fun story for kids and animal lovers alike...”

The United Church Observer - December 1, 2005
“Entertaining and fun for all ages. Author Harvey and illustrator Cowles clearly know what puppies get up to given the chance.”

CM Magazine - September 2, 2005
“Harvey's cast of delightfully eccentric human characters, as different from one another as are the puppies, is brought to life with verve and humour by Cowles... Adult readers will enjoy sharing this tale of a plethora of puppies with young listeners. Highly Recommended. ”

Quill & Quire - November 1, 2005
“Young readers will relish the madcap atmosphere but will also be satisfied with the harmonious conclusion...can be enjoyed as an independent read or on a one-on-one basis.”

A Patchwork of Books blog - October 11, 2008
“The story is cute... and the illustrations go nicely with the story. Any child that loves dogs will loves this one!”


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