The Lit Report

(2008) Orca Book Publishers
ISBN: 9781551439051



When I finished Bull's Eye, I wanted to try my hand at something longer, something that would give me a bit more room to develop my characters. In the process, I learned a lot about midwifery and got to write about some of my favourite books.

Julia and Ruth have been unlikely best friends since they first met in Sunday school-Ruth was standing on the Bible-crafts table belting out “Jesus Loves Me.” Now that they're a year away from graduation, they're putting the finishing touches on their getaway plans. But their dream of a funky big-city loft and rich, interesting older men is threatened when preacher's daughter Ruth goes to a wild party without studious Julia, and all hell breaks loose. Ruth gets pregnant; Julia gets creative. Determined to support her friend and stay on track for life after high school, Julia comes up with a plan that will require all her intelligence, compassion, ingenuity and patience. Drawing on some great (and some not-so-great) works of literature, Julia proves that you can learn a lot just by opening up a book. (read excerpt)